Television Producer and Journalist

About Nora Zimmett

Nora Zimmett got her start in television in 2003 when she joined the staff of Fox News Channel in the Los Angeles Bureau.  She worked her way up to Producer and began covering stories all over the globe - from domestic disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to international dramas like the civil war in Colombia and the gradual decline of the Venezuelan economy.

After her first assignment in Colombia in 2006, Nora developed a special interest in Latin American politics. Since that trip, she has learned Spanish and traveled the region producing both breaking news and documentaries. Stateside,  Nora produces live special events, such as the annual Milken Institute Global Conference, the Aspen Ideas Festival and American Idol coverage.
Awaiting the eye of Hurricane RitaOut on the Pacific aboard missile launcher USS Lake ErieWith the military in El Espinal, ColombiaThe 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina
“Nora Zimmett acts like a producer, thinks like a correspondent, sees a story like a photographer and envisions how all the pieces fit together like an editor - what more could anyone ask for! I've had the pleasure of working with Nora on a number of different stories - together we have profiled one of the countries last late-term abortion doctors, followed gangs members through the streets of South Central L.A. and investigated claims of government sponsored anti-Semitism in Venezuela. Nora always impresses me with her tireless drive to tell the best story possible in an honest, meaningful and creative way. After 16 years of broadcast experience there are only a handful of producers I feel confident recommending - Nora is at the top of that list.”
--Jennifer London, Correspondent, World Report on HDNet

"In some ways it seems odd to single someone out for being a consummate professional. Shouldn't we expect that of all those fortunate enough to call this crazy and demanding career their own? But, as I imagine is true in all industries, the jewels stand out. In my ten years at Fox News, Nora Zimmett was definitely one of those jewels."

--Joel Kaufman, Partner, Cajole Entertainment and Former Fox VP

“Nora is a wonderfully talented producer with a razor sharp mind editorially and extensive technical knowledge. She is a strong producer in the field working seamlessly with her reporter and crew while maintaining calm, poise and focus on the story at hand.”
--Peter Shaplen, veteran Television Producer
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